We offer bespoke training events for small groups, if you want to learn the basics of milk texturing and latte art, get better at home brewing or just learn about the history of coffee as a crop while tasting it, send us an email and we can start planning a special one off session for you and your friends.

Also if you have a coffee shop or restaurant and think your staff could benefit from some training, please get in touch, we believe knowledge and skill are for sharing and would be happy to come to you.


Learn traditional approaches to evaluating espresso by taste and grind consistency, like many of us in the industry did. But the key to consistent espresso, especially with the more lightly roasted specialty coffee, is all about precision and reproducible recipes—the weight of the ground coffee compared to the wet-weight of the finished drink, and brew time. Confusing? Come do the course!

Milk Drinks

Latte art is a fun way to turn a coffee into a little drinkable picture that makes customers say things like “oh, wow, yeah I guess that kind of looks like a swan?” It is the glamour of our industry. The shiny emblem on the front of our car. Some people practice for hundreds of hours and record endless videos of themselves pouring elaborate patterns in time to obscure electronic music. We can start you on this path.

Brewed Drinks

Do you have a piece of brewing equipment that you feel you aren’t getting the most out of? We can show you how to make better coffee with your AeroPress, v60, clever dripper, chemex—even your good old fashioned cafetiere or moka pot. By showing you how to make a few small adjustments we are confident we can have you making better coffee in no time.